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What is the Rhoer Club?

​The Rhoer Club is a youth group affiliate of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. which addresses the crucial issues facing young women today. The club was originally founded in 1939 at the 14th International Boule of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority in New York City.  Rhoers are high-school-aged young women who participate in many of the activities of the sorority as well as special youth development programs designed by the sorority. These young women show outstanding academic achievement and amazing talent and creativity. 


To Become Eligible for Membership

​1. You must present at least one recommendation from a school counselor, teacher, church officer, or a member of Sigma Gamma Rho.
2. You must show evidence of academic achievement. GPA of 2.5 or higher.
3. You must exhibit high standards of character and conduct.
4. You must be willing to participate in Rhoer sponsored activities and events.

The Rhoer Club provides a positive experience for young women in leadership development, academic counseling, personal counseling, mentoring, community service and rites of passage.  The sorority is committed and dedicated to helping each Rhoer grow.

Some activities will include:

* Fundraising
* College tours
* Bonding activities
* Community service
* Health and academic events
* Regional and national conferences
* Participation in area chapter’s (undergraduate and graduate) activities
* College or vocational preparations


2023 71st Western Regional Conference 
* Outstanding Display
* Rhoer of the Year, Mia Pinkerton
* Rhoer Advisor of the Year, Soror Ronnay Cato-Henry

2020 68th Virtual Western Regional Conference 
* Rhoer Affiliate Club of the Year
* Membership Development
* Soles for Little Souls
* Rhoer Advisor of the Year, Soror Ronnay Cato-Henry

2019 67th Western Regional Conference 
* Rhoer Affiliate Club of the Year
* Outstanding Scrapbook
* Outstanding Display

Want to learn more about our Rhoer Club?

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